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Backgammon is one of the oldest and most famous board games for two players.

The Backgammon set contains one board, two dice, and 30 tokens – 15 for each player.

The objective is to move all the checkers to your home board and bear them off. The first player who succeeded in getting out all 15 checkers receives a specific amount of points. These points are in function of the rival’s progress. Learn how to play.

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How to Play Backgammon


Every player has 15 checkers in predefined locations on the board and tries to move all of them safely to his home board.

The Backgammon board consists of 24 points which are triangles with alternating colors. The points are separated into four equal groups, known as Home and Outer boards.

Points that have only one checker on them are called Blots. When an opposing checker lands on a blot, the blot is “hit” and moved to the middle bar of the board. The player that has checkers on the board must return them to play before playing his other checkers. When it is not possible to move, the turn ends, and the opponent rolls the dice.

By default, every game yields 1 point per win. You can double the yield by offering to “double” before you roll the dice. If your opponent accepts, the yield is doubled. When the opponent declines, the current doubling cube value is assigned to you.

See detailed tips on how to play Backgammon.

Game objective

The main objective is to move your checkers to your home board and then bear them off. The first player to achieve that is declared a winner.

You can read the complete rule set we have implemented on our Backgammon Rules Page.

Short History

Backgammon is an ancient board game of Persian origin. It is probably one of the oldest popular games nowadays.

The fans of the game affirm that the Backgammon board and its entire design symbolically represent one year. The year contains 12 months (triangles), 30 days per month (checkers), and a week (sum of lowest and highest dice results).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-like dice system with as close to authentic rolls as possible – no favors, only luck
  • Different Game Mode available – Classic Backgammon with or without double dice
  • Full Facebook integration – invite your friends and share gifts
  • Complete cross-platform play with friends on any device with one account
  • Free daily bonus, scratch cards, wheel of fortune, and friend invites
  • Error-proof reconnection – get back into the game no matter what happens
  • Train with a computer or enjoy with real people online in Beginners, Advanced or Custom rooms
  • Cool animated gifts, abuse-free phrases, and an emoticon system.

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Official Trailer of VIP Backgammon

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Community and social advantages

Join our community of passionate players. You can find backgammon tips and tricks on our official blog and watch informative how to play video.

VIP Backgammon strives to improve with new releases and fresh content. We follow the player feedback and suggestions aiming to improve the game quality.

Social Benefits

  • Weekly, global, and tournament leader-boards
  • Digital gifts – show your emotions and appreciation
  • Likes, friend invites, and private messages. Send private messages and invite people to play
  • Customize your profile – write a creative status and share your images

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More Tips and Strategies

Learn new Backgammon strategies and advices at our Blog.

Backgammon Game Basics

Backgammon Game Basics

Check out the classical rules by which VIP Backgammon is played. They are recognized worldwide. Learn all that is to learn.

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